Profiting Despite RONA Effect

As the world contends with the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s massive impact across countries and industries, organizations need not only look for ways to safeguards their staff and customers but also their business’ survival and profitability. 

One thing is for sure, the ability to make good and timely decisions has become more important to the survival and success of any business. There will definitely be a ‘new normal’ when the world settles after the effects of the pandemic and utilizing data analytics for timely decisions will play a huge role in organizations being able to position for profitability.

Data Informed Decisions: The Pathway to Prosperity

Decision-making becomes more challenging during periods of stress even worse when the future is not certain or clear. In order to remain successful, data must be the blood of every part of the business in order to ensure that critical inputs to readjust plans and predictions as well as automating decision-making is possible.

We all saw how data played a very prominent role in the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, health workers and the government looked at data from places affected by the pandemic and could predict which regions and health facilities needed more equipment, beds, masks, ventilators etc. Data can play such a vital role for your business also.

Do you know that 75% of business intelligence and data analytics professionals now work harder and longer than before the pandemic? This is according to research carried out by Forrester Consulting. This only goes to show that the world is relying more on data based insights for decision-making already.

Insights from Data: A Panacea to Any Crisis

Isn’t it funny that it is certain that there are uncertain times ahead for the world? However, with data and the ability to get insights from data you can continue to make timely informed decisions to keep thriving amidst the uncertainty. Now is the time to push the boundaries of what’s possible with data at every step of your Covid-19 crisis strategy to ensure you emerge positioned for future profitable growth.

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